University of Kashan

4th International Conference on Computational Algebra, Computational Number Theory and Applications (Memorial of Professor Alireza Ashrafi)

July 4 - 6, 2023

Objectives of the conference

Computational Algebra (CA) and Computational Number Theory (CNT) are two important parts of mathematical sciences. Due to the importance of these parts of mathematics and their applications in science, the Faculty of Mathematical Sciences of the University of Kashan organized a series of conferences on these topics in recent years. CA and CNT have many applications in physics, chemistry, biology, coding theory, cryptography, complex networks, electronics, and computer science. These applications require the researchers to better understand the works and current developments in CA and CNT. The purpose of this conference is to exchange research findings between CA and CNT and related fields, and it can be a good opportunity to familiarize students with new research topics in this field. The 4th conference on this series will be scientifically supported by the Iranian Mathematical Society and the University of Kufa.

Some of the main topics of this conference are as follows: